PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: 1569694539

Date of Report Submission: 9/28/2019
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Dear PA Department of Insurance, This letter is written on behalf of Matthew and Kelly Gerber (hereby referenced as the insured) in relation to a hail loss on May 29 2019 to their 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Erie Insurance Group claim # A00001959286-1. The intention of this letter is to document the attempts by Erie Insurance Group employee and PA licensed appraiser Robert Baker license # 138411 to channel the insured into a network body shop despite the insuredís verbal intention to have the vehicle repaired at their shop of choice. Initially the insured advised Mr. Baker that their intention was to have Dent Tech Hail Repair and Auto Spa (632 State Ave Emmaus, PA 18049) repair their hail damage because they have had work done there in the past and were satisfied customers. Mr. Baker told the insured they cannot have the vehicle repaired at Dent Tech because they are not a body shop and donít paint. The insured then asked where the vehicle could be fixed. Mr. Baker recommended Faulkner Collision a network body shop for Erie Insurance Group. The insured called a friend for advice. The insuredís friend recommended they take their vehicle to North Star Automotive which is a body shop. The insured came to North Star Automotive for an estimate and consultation. After meeting with North Star Automotive the insured decided to have their vehicle repaired there. The insured called Mr. Baker and informed him of their shop of choice. Mr. Baker said no problem North Star Automotive is an in-network shop. Mr. Baker called the insured back 5 minutes later and said he made a mistake and North Star Automotive is not an in-network shop and the insured cannot go there. Fully aware of their right to choose their repair facility the insured informed Mr. Baker that North Star Automotive is where the vehicle will be repaired and to handle the claim accordingly. Benjamin at North Star Automotive emailed Mr. Baker the initial estimate and photos and spoke to him on the phone. Mr. Baker told Benjamin that the customer wouldnít make up his mind on where the vehicle would be repaired which is a contradiction to the insuredís version of the correspondence between the insured and Mr. Baker. The insured and North Star Automotive feel that Mr. Baker violated the terms of his PA appraiserís license by attempting to channel the customer away from their shop of choice on 2 separate occasions on the same claim. Mr. Bakerís contention that the vehicle couldnít be repaired at Dent Tech because they are not a body shop makes little sense because his appraisal of the damage only included paintless dent removal of the damages, removal and installation of components necessary to perform the paintless dent removal and no refinish work All operations that Dent Tech is fully capable of performing. Mr. Bakerís contention that the vehicle could not be repaired at North Star Automotive because they are not an in-network body shop was a blatant lie and attempt to suppress the insuredís right to choose their repair facility. Mr. Bakerís own paperwork supplied to the insured states ďThere is NO requirement to use any specified repair shop.Ē All parties involved appreciate the PA Department of Insuranceís assistance in protecting consumer rights and the DOIís time and attention to this matter. This letter has been reviewed by the insured and authorized for submission to the PA Department of Insurance. Matthew Gerber can be reached at 484-353-8516.

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Illegal Steering/Directing:Yes

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Repair Facility Information
Repair Facility:North Star Automotive
State Appraiser License:636978
Shop Representative:Benjamin C. Stephens
Address:4230 Fritch Dr

Insurance Information
Insurance Company:Erie Insurance Group
Claim Number:A00001959286-1
Insurance Company Representative:Robert BakerDate of loss:May 29 2019
Appraiser License Number:138411
Insurance Company Phone:267-309-1524

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Repair Facility Legislative Representative:choose oneRepair Facility Senator:choose one

PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: 1569694539

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