PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: 1600112970

Date of Report Submission: 9/14/2020
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Complaint Comments:
According to Title 31, Chapter 62, 62.3 (a), (9), [The appraisal shall include]The location where the listed parts are available in a condition equivalent to, or better than, the condition of the replaced parts prior to the accident. Allstate sent a communication out on 4-6-2020: Date: 4-6-2020 Subject: Update to Allstate Replacement Parts Guidelines Attention: Repair Facility Owner/Manager "To broaden the availability of parts sourcing for our customers, we are expanding our policy around Recycled Parts utilization. Recycled Part Changes.The utilization of recycled parts is an industry-accepted and cost-effective repair method. Parts search should be for reasonable geographic area, and parts must be in quality condition to be used for a repair. Effective immediately, Allstate’s policy for Recycled Parts utilization will be expanded to include 3 prior model years or newer and the same model run. This change does not impact our position regarding mechanical and suspension parts, which will still be subject to comparable mileage requirements within those 3 prior model years or newer. We will also continue to adhere to our Recycled Parts policy regarding safety systems and all other part categories. Example: You have a damage estimate on a 2017 GMC Terrain and the front bumper requires replacement. With last model year minus three years in mind, parts searches may return parts from model years 2017 – 2014. (Note: The three-year window will only be available for models in production longer than that timeframe) Thank you for your valued support in providing the best service in the industry to our mutual customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local GHRN Performance Consultant" This is a violation of the act, as a replacement part that is three years older than a current year vehicle cannot be "equivalent to or better than" a part on a particular vehicle. Please require Allstate and State Farm, and any other insurance company, to adhere to the state laws and only specify current year or newer replacement parts when specifying used parts for any repair. And, in the case of suspension components, there should be an additional requirement to have the same or less mileage as the component on the loss vehicle. Thank you.

Itemized Complaints
Violation of Regulation PA Code Title 31, Ch. 62:Yes
Arbitrary Capping & Underpayment:Yes
Unprofessional Behavior:Yes
No regard for Public Safety:Yes
Inaccurate description of repairs :Yes

Consumers Information
Name:**removed for privacy**
Address:**removed for privacy**
Daytime Phone:**removed for privacy**Evening Phone:**removed for privacy**

Repair Facility Information
Repair Facility:Brandywine Coach Works
State Appraiser License:153336
Shop Representative:Bob Cicconi
Address:1209 Baltimore Pike
City:Chadds FordState:PAZip:19317

Insurance Information
Insurance Company:Allstate & State Farm
Claim Number:N/A
Insurance Company Representative:N/ADate of loss:N/A
Appraiser License Number:N/A
Insurance Company Phone:

Legislator Information
Consumer Legislative Representative:choose oneConsumer Senator:choose one
Repair Facility Legislative Representative:Barrar, Stephen (R) District 160Repair Facility Senator:Killion, Thomas H. (R) District 9

PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: 1600112970

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