Most Recent 20 Reports

Complaint ID#
Date Submitted Insurance
Appraiser Repair
15912303822/22/2021Nationwide Affinity Insurance Co. of AmericaChristopher Boye610 MOTORS
-16833455352/22/2021Nationwide Affinity Insurance Co. of AmericaChristopher Boye610 MOTORS
16140281602/22/2021Acceptance InsuranceWilliam Nelson610 MOTORS
-885049372/22/2021State FArmRoy Morton610 MOTORS
16106359281/12/2021ProgressiveKatelin ConnorJoe Trainer Auto Body
160459063011/5/2020GeicoCracha Fernandoclassic coachwork
160432853111/2/2020GeicoMonifa Thompsonclassic coachwork
160382033810/27/2020ARC/FedExLinda StamperGA Collision Center Inc
160218275310/8/2020TravelersKevin Wyszynskiclassic coachwork
16001129709/14/2020Allstate & State FarmN/ABrandywine Coach Works
15980334148/21/2020Philadelphia Energy CompanyJonathan Sowashclassic coachwork
15934528726/29/2020state farmmark vesciclassic coachwork
15871513274/17/2020State FarmDerek PattersonBrandywine Coach Works
15796469461/21/2020Allstate Insurance CompanyRichard OdenwellerCrawfords Auto Center Inc.
157004779310/2/2019state farmmark vesciclassic coachwork
15696945399/28/2019Erie Insurance GroupRobert BakerNorth Star Automotive
15676941099/5/2019ProgressiveVincent Mucciclassic coachwork
-13899192439/4/2019progressivevincent mucciclassic coachwork
15676129969/4/2019Travelers Insurance CompanyLAUREN CIESIELSKICrawfords Auto Center Inc.
-7217554958/7/2019Agency Insurance CoJay GibersonCrawfords Auto Center Inc.
15651891128/7/2019USAA, Starsinic Appraisals, IANETJeff StarsinicCicconi Auto Body

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