PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: 1620235126

Date of Report Submission: 5/5/2021
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Complaint Comments:
Braden Knight came to our shop to inspect a 2019 ford escape that was involved in a rear end collision while it was parked. The striking vehicle actually was sitting underneath the Ford Escape causing damage to the rear bumper and exhaust. While going over the vehicle Braden stated he could not see any damage to the exhaust even though it was sitting on the ground. Braden left without leaving an estimate, omitting the exhaust. A supplement was requested for the exhaust. Braden contacted the customer and advised that we are not following "Geico's Protocol" regarding the supplement process. He stated to the customer that we are stalling the repairs. Braden comes to reinspect the vehicle on 4/16/21 and refuses to pay for the exhaust yet again. Braden's supervisor came to inspect the vehicle the following week and agreed with us at the shop that the vehicle required the replacement of the exhaust. Because of Braden's incompetence and refusal to pay for the exhaust as could be clearly seen that was necessary during initial inspection a 2 day repair took 12. Shortly after the vehicle was delivered, the customer was involved in a subsequent accident and elected to chose another shop based on the reason that Braden is the appraiser in our area and they did not wish to deal with him again.

Itemized Complaints
Violation of Act 367 Title 63, Ch. 22B:Yes
Violation of Regulation PA Code Title 31, Ch. 62:Yes
Violation of Unfair Ins. Practices Act Title 40, Ch. 4 :Yes
Violation of Unfair Claims Settlement PA Code Title 31, Ch. 146, Subch. A:Yes
Violation of Automotive Industry Trade Practices Title 37, Ch. 301:Yes
Refusal to leave copy of appraisal:Yes
Non-itemized listing of all damages:Yes
Unprofessional Behavior:Yes
Inaccurate description of repairs :Yes

Consumers Information
Name:**removed for privacy**
Address:**removed for privacy**
Daytime Phone:**removed for privacy**Evening Phone:**removed for privacy**

Repair Facility Information
Repair Facility:Craig's Collision Center
State Appraiser License:895143
Shop Representative:Daniel Olesniewicz
Address:4925 Van Kirk Street

Insurance Information
Insurance Company:Geico
Claim Number:8700394460000005
Insurance Company Representative:Braden KnightDate of loss:04/06/2021
Appraiser License Number:924001
Insurance Company Phone:267-408-8348

Legislator Information
Consumer Legislative Representative:Youngblood, Rosita C. (D) District 198Consumer Senator:Street, Sharif (D) District 3
Repair Facility Legislative Representative:Hohenstein, Joseph C. (D) District 177Repair Facility Senator:Sabatina, John P. (D) District 5

PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: 1620235126

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